Life lessons with a baby blanket

In 2014 I started knitting a baby blanket. I bought 4 balls of really think yarn (two grey and two blue) and the super long needles. I have previously tried knitting a few infinity scarves that were mediocre at best, but I was pretty jazzed about the blanket idea.

This baby blanket has now become a defining element of my life. This baby blanket was going to be a gift for Friend #1’s baby… but that baby came before the blanket was done. So, I continued knitting it for Friend #2. Alas, that baby joined the world before its completion. Then it would be for babies belonging to Friend #3, Friend #4, Friend #5, Friend #2 (again), it was even a gift for a set of twins at one point. I bought more yarn, made incorrect stitches and tried to fix them, and nearly let the whole thing fall right off the needles at one point.

As I was getting ready for family to visit for Christmas and sorting out spare room items – I found the baby blanket. I had literally come to detest this blanket. I had put so much time into it and spent a bunch of money so it felt silly to just give-up, but no part of me wanted to finish it.

I decided right then to just accept that I am not the kind of friend that will knit you a baby blanket. I am the kind of friend who will chat for hours about what is happening in your life, who will get completely excited for good things coming your way, who will happily host you for a games night, and will always fill up your glass of wine. However, I will never be the friend who knits you a baby blanket.

At first this reality made me sad, but I think there are times in our life when we have to pause, evaluate the kind of person that we are becoming, and decide if that is the person that we want to be. I think too often we try to be something we are not and then if we don’t excel we feel disappointed in ourselves. I have decided that I am comfortable with being this person and am letting go of my half finished baby blanket for good.

Friends #1-5 (and all 7 babies) I am sorry that you never got a baby blanket from me. Before it officially goes in the trash, I thought you should get one good look at!

xo Brittany

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